How to Choose a Dogs DNA Testing Company

How to Choose a Dogs DNA Testing Company

You have numerous options when it comes to canine DNA testing. The big question is, how do you pick the best. This article will discuss some factors to consider to choose among the top rated dna test for dogs. Read on.

Number of Genetic Markers Tested

dogDNA tests are not the same. The DNA strands are long, and each test looks at specific points known as markers. The markers have been found to be useful in determining the traits, breeds and health risks. The more markers that are checked, the more accurate the tests are going to be. Although you might be required to pay more, but then get the most accurate results.

Number of Breeds in the Database

Dog breeds have hit 190 according to the American Kennel Club. However, DNA tests do not include all of them. Many results provide results for 84 breeds. It is advisable to check the breed list before carrying out the test. Avoid companies with short breed lists. The company compares the breed of your dog against their database so, the more breeds they have in their database, the better the results.

The Range of Generic Health Risks

petSome DNA tests look at 160 or more genetic health risks. The tests will give you a detailed information about the current and future health of your dog. Make sure to discuss the same with your vet. Like the breed test, the more the test checks, the better. Some checks do not check the general health risks of the dog; they will give you a general report based on the dogs breed. Such results will not be of any help in case you wanted to know how to keep your pet healthy.

Physical Test

This is another factor used to differentiate DNA tests. Some will give you a detailed report of your dog’s physical needs while others will provide a general report about your pet’s breed. I always advise pet owners to beware of such tests and stay away from them. Look for companies which use your dog’s DNA to give unique and useful details and reports. Such might be expensive but worth it. Do not be lured into vague cheap tests.