How to Gear Up Before Traveling

How to Gear Up Before Traveling

People travel for various reasons, like recreational and business. There are also many means of transportation that facilitate our mobility. But for whatever purposes, and by any transport, we always bring our luggage with us.

Light luggage can fit in a hand-carry suitcase, while heavy luggage needs a bigger case. However, there are other things you should be concerned with, such as the safety, durability, and flexibility.

Gearing up for safety

Travel LockYour suitcase needs locks. Even the international airports and harbors have at least more than five stories of people getting their belongings stolen. The worst that can happen is if a drug smuggler plants their package to your case without your notice. And such a case really happened.

In 2013, it was reported that an Australian couple got their suitcase stuffed with marijuana by an unknown criminal. Luckily, the couple managed to contact Australian Embassy and were suggested to dump their baggage and find a new one.

Getting a suitcase that cant be cut through can provide you with maximum safety. Some luggage brand names, like Samsonite, Tumi Tegra-lite, and Delsey Luggage Helium are made of exceptional materials that can withstand knife slash.

Luggage PadlockThe next thing you need besides a good quality suitcase is the lock. There are types of luggage lock, these days. And here are our picks:

  • Lewis N. Clark Card Lock

Instead of using number combination, this lock uses a card to unlock. It will be the best option if you are easy to forget.

  • Wordlock

Wordlock offers an alternative to the regular number combination locks It uses word combination, which is easier to remember for some people.

  • Acrodo Padlock

This lock is the best if you want to bluff how safety your suitcase is. It is the bigger than the other two locks and is arguably the most durable one because it is made of pure steel.

Losing LuggageAnd the last thing you need is a locator. Although, perhaps, the chance for you to lose your baggage is very little, especially with today’s interconnected system. But there is nothing to lose by having a suitcase locator.

  • ReturnMe

Return me is a pin like a locator, designed for easy attachment and subtle look. The company also promises that the owner of the locator can retrieve their belongings from anywhere in the world.

So, if you use the pin, the next time you do not receive your baggage, you can easily call the company to look it for you.

  • Lev Tech Anti-theft tracker

This locator uses smartphone apps to track your baggage. It is equipped with an alarm that you can activate with your phone.

The durable baggage materials

luggage1Finding a durable suitcase material is easy. The challenge is to find one that is also light and efficient in keeping things.

Based on the materials, there are two types of baggage, soft and hard. Soft cases are made of ballistic nylon, cordura, and polyester. Some designs are the hybrid of the threes.

The prime material of the threes is the ballistic nylon. It offers maximum protection from tears and weighs the least. Cordura is slightly heavier than ballistic nylon, but it is still strong enough to bear average tearing force. And polyester is the cheapest from the others.

AirportHard cases are made of aluminum, polycarbonate, polypropylene, and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS). The lightest of them all is polypropylene. And the heaviest is aluminum. In between are ABS and polycarbonate. All provides hardcore protection against tearing and shock.

Suitcase flexibility

Airport Luggage TransferFor hand-carry, you would be better to pick a soft suitcase made of polyester. The downside is that it might not be waterproof like the hard one. But it can easily fit in a small space.

You also probably do not need to equip a big lock and a locator for your hand-carry. But it still depends on your destination. If you think your destination is risky, then you would be better to equip them.