Facts to know about stucco installation claims – Law

Every homebuyer buys a home expecting that everything is at its best. Unfortunately, this is not always the case as some sellers sell homes with major structural defects. One of the primary structural defects is poor stucco installation. Such defects impose a significant burden of repairing the house on the owner. It also puts you at risk in case of property damage in case you discover when it’s too late. However, you can file a claim against a homebuilder for stucco defects. For appropriate legal guidance or representation, you need the services of a certified attorney.

What is stucco?


Before filing a claim against a home builder for stucco, you need to know what it is and why it is essential. Stucco is an exterior finish used in most homes. It is done to safeguard a home from water damage. Moreover, installation of stucco is also well defined by building codes. As such, contractors or home builders are expected to observe these structural guidelines and ensure that it is applied properly.

Defective stucco

The main reason you might consider filing a claim is when there are some defects or anomalies in the stucco. The main defects observed in stucco include anomalies like stucco cracking, stucco separation, or stucco peeling off from the structure. Moreover, you should also look out for some points of discoloration or rust spots. Signs of possible water damage like mold growth should also indicate the possibility of stucco damage or improper installation.

Making a stucco installation claim

asdAQsaSxdStucco defects represent some form of breach of contract. As such, the damages or possible losses resulting from defective stucco should be a responsibility of the contractor who installed it. Unfortunately, some builders might refuse to take responsibility citing some technical reasons that make no sense. If you are not the original owner, some contractor might simply ignore you claiming they have never worked on that piece of property.

Why should you make a claim?

When you believe that the builder did not act accordingly, you need to hold them culpable. This is provided for by the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer protection law, which safeguards the interest of the original owner and those beyond. If you have noticed some sign of water damage or problems linked to stucco defects in your home or property, you need to get a lawyer that specializes in this area of law. With a good team, you can hold your builder responsible for any damage caused.