How to pick a pop up canopy for your needs

How to pick a pop up canopy for your needs


How to choose the best pop up canopy

A canopy is a small tent-like structure used for outside parties. It is fitted with strong frames and comes with different sizes and color. It is very common to find people opting to have their parties done outside. A canopy is used to demarcate the areas to be used in the parties. If you choose to have your birthday party on the beach, buying a canopy will add on the flavor of the party. There are some companies that engage in the business of lending canopies. There are many different shapes and makes of canopies out there. Whether you are buying or lending, you need to have the ability to choose the best canopy.


Size of the canopy

Your event will dictate the size of canopy you should buy. If the event demands a great space the canopy selection should cater for that. Consider the number of people you want to invite in your party. If the number is a large one, the canopy should be a less one. If the party is only for the family members, choose the small-sized canopy for the party. The size of the canopy will determine the price if the canopy.


Frames and material of the canopy

The type of frames used to make a canopy is a big factor to consider. The type of the frame will determine the strength of the canopy. A canopy should be made from a light material. This will make it easy to transport. The material should be a strong one. A strong frame will make the canopy withstand the wind and heavy rains. The best material to use is a stiff iron. Be sure to also check on the material of the canopy. The material of the canopy should be waterproof. It should be translucent. This allows light to pass through it. The material should be relatively light. This will make it easy to transport. The material should also be easily foldable. This will make it easy for one to carry it around. The frames should also be detachable. The idea is to get a very portable canopy that is very strong. The material should also have inside pockets. They will help in storing party equipment to be used. The material should have the ability to reduce the effects of strong sun rays.



The price of the canopy

The price of the canopy should be less than the benefits it brings. The price should be reasonable and dependent on the different aspect of the canopy. A bigger canopy should cost more than a smaller canopy. The price should be inclusive of the transportation fees associated with the canopy. When setting the budget for a canopy, don’t set a fixed amount of money. Have a range of price within which you are willing to buy. Don’t go for a cheap canopy. Sometimes low priced commodities are associated with poor quality.