Wismec Predator 228 Review – What you should Know

Wismec Predator 228 Review – What you should Know

The Wismec Predator 228 was innovatively designed to compete with popular box mods such as SMOK Alien. In fact, the names suggest superiority based on a popular movie and comic series; Aliens versus Predators. In its physical appearance, it looks like the Alien. However, upon inspection, you will realize that it is heavier and wider. This means that you can easily fit large atomizers without overhang.

LED display of a vaping modIf you have small fingers, then you should go for the Alien. On the other hand, if you have large fingers, then choose the Wismec Predator. The truth is that it is resilient to wear and tear. The Predator 228 is considered one of most aggressive projects that the company has ever undertaken. It consists of a squeeze to fire mechanism and vertical based design to ease the handling and use of the device. This unit integrates a modern chipset with wattage output that is rated 228 W. This is a great technology that supports steady power output. Moreover, it has features for temperature control.

LED display

It has a centrally placed display that features various sections for easy readability of different components such as meters and battery life. Beneath the screen, you will find the rocker adjustment switch. The good thing about this screen is that it retains all the wattage and temperature control in the hands of the user. Also, there are push control buttons for wattage and temperature that are easily reachable. This device is meant for the user to hold at his or her palm while vaping. It is available in a broad range of colors that include gold, silver, black, and white.

Replaceable 18650 batteries

vaping experienceThis device is powered by a pair of 18650 batteries which are replaceable. They have a combined output of 228 watts. The superb source of power compares greatly with several other mods currently on the market. The size of a predator is quite easy to carry and has a useful compact design that delivers the latest technology to create the right vapor.

The Predator 228 is not meant for persons who are planning to quit smoking. Instead, it is meant for experienced vapers. Remember that you are at liberty to make temperature adjustments and wattage that meets your needs. Refilling the tank of this predator is quite easy. You only need to remove its mouthpiece and slide off its cap to create a path for refilling the e-juice.